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FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitors, Chameleon
PRODUCT#: 6886000022
The culmination of Fender’s 70 years of experience creating premium audio tools, the FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitor is a next-generation, low-profile in-ear monitor engineered for transparent, audiophile-quality audio. Assembled in the USA, the FXA9 uses bleeding-edge technology to create a peerless listening experience that’s as dynamically honest and pure as it is comfortable. At the heart of the FXA9 in-ear monitor is the HEXAD Balanced Armature (HDBA) Array. Six state-of-the-art balanced armature drivers work in conjunction with the Groove-tuned™ port and three independent sound bores to create the most lifelike audio possible. This driver configuration offers enhanced low frequency response and spatial orientation while reproducing every dynamic nuance of the performance with precision accuracy, from 12Hz-22kHz. Highly sensitive, these monitors generate 121dB @1mW for crystal-clear, distortion-free audio with plenty of headroom. Ideal for almost any listening situation with 21-ohm impedance, they can be driven by a smartphone for a premium listening experience. Eliminating up to 22dB of ambient noise, they reduce interference while simultaneously protecting your hearing from the strong transients that can occur in a live environment, ensuring a long life for your most musically valuable sense—your hearing. The 3D-printed Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT)™ shell is derived by scanning thousands of ears to create a hybrid custom/universal fit. The DHT shell fits most ears like an expensive custom-molded monitor—when combined with the cushion-like comfort of the thermoplastic elastomer secure-fit tips these are ideal for long playing sessions. The detachable gold-plated MMCXi™ connectors and triple-silver-plated low-oxygen cable reduce signal loss while nearly eliminating cable-induced coloration. The 24k gold-plated nozzle prevents nozzle and sound bore oxidation while providing the most direct path into the ear for pristine audio. Includes a deluxe carrying case, 1/8 to ¼” adapter, four sizes of secure-fit tips, a cleaning tool and cable.






Bronze Pearl

Pearl White