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Tash Sultana WOW’S USA Audiences

Posted on Mar 16, 2017.

Tash Sultana’s first visit to the USA was one that aspiring musicians can only dream of.

Long before she touched down in the USA her 9-date run of shows had sold out and it was with good reason after getting rave reviews.

As a fierce one-woman-band, Sultana took the stage sporting an oversized Harley Davidson tee with a backwards cap that secured her wild curls. “Marry Me Please!” and “You Are a Goddess!” was shouted by adoring fans as Sultana walked on stage and in between songs. She dazzled the crowd bouncing around barefoot playing dreamy guitar solos over her enchanting voice. When Sultana wasn’t showing off her vocal range she was beatboxing, creating synth sounds and finger tapping percussion—not to mention—simultaneously using her effect pedals. At one point during her set, just when you thought she’d ran out of instruments to include in her specially crafted performance, Tash Sultana busted out a trumpet and blew our minds some more. – Grimy Goods http://www.grimygoods.com/2017/02/24/tash-sultana-los-angeles-echo-photos-show-review/

Photo: Andrew Gomez

Sultana riffed on her guitar, laying down some rhythm with her looping pedals that she would then solo over. Twenty minutes into the show, she’d played one song, but it was the most majestic opening song of a show I’d seen in quite some time. She started the night with a backwards baseball cap that was tossed to the floor via a headbang during one especially immaculate guitar solo. – PassTheAux

Following on from her sold-out shows in the USA, Tash will be back on Australian stages in March/April for a headlining national run – head to http://www.tashsultana.com/tour for more details - Hurry - tickets are selling fast!