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GREG KOCH NEW ALBUM - Plays well with others.

Posted on Aug 7, 2013.

Fender clinician and six-string skullduggarist Greg Koch has released a brand new album, Plays Well With Others.Teaming up with fellow Milwaukeean John Sieger (of Brew City superbands R&B Cadets and Semi-Twang), the pair punch out a killer playlist that ranges in styles, from R&B to country honk to funk to searing blues. Icing on the audio cake comes via special guest appearances from the likes of Robben Ford, Roscoe Beck, and Koch’s 18-year-old son, drummer Dylan Koch, to name but a few.

“This is quite a different record for me in that it’s song-based,” says Koch, “but there is plenty of playing on it as well.” In a departure from previous album formats, Koch relinquishes his lyricist and singing roles, allowing Sieger to reign in these areas. “I started out sending him MP3 files of tunes I had demoed and then John would turn around the lyrics in a day or so. Over the course of three or four months we had 64 songs that we had written that way. They were in all kind of different styles…really more Americana than blues, I’d say.”

The individual songs have very different vibes to each other, from the funky Simone, to an earthy slow groove on Walk Before You Crawl, to the jazzy Sho Nuff, sprinkled with some genius chicken-picking. There’s something to appease all tastes - and maybe even to help form new ones.

Koch strikes a delicate balance between technical prowess and fun, all whilst proving he can indeed play very well with others.

(Excerpts from article by Bill Milkowski)

Check out the album here