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Nicole Fiorentino

Nicole Fiorentino is the latest addition to the lineup of Chicago alt-rock institution Smashing Pumpkins, having arrived in spring 2010 with bass in hand. Since then she’s been busy writing, recording and touring with Billy Corgan and company, hitting concert stages worldwide and contributing to ongoing 44-song Pumpkins album project Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, with bass guitar and vocal work on early 2012 release Oceania (an album “within” the Teargarden project).

No stranger to stage and studio, the Massachusetts bassist/vocalist’s pre-Pumpkins resume includes work with Radio Vago, Twilight Sleep, Light FM, Spinnerette and, from 2005 to 2009, a stint with Veruca Salt. In addition to being an official full-time Pumpkin, Fiorentino also has a current side project called the Cold and Lovely that released a single, “Not With Me,” in April 2011.

She prides herself on her integrity, drive, enthusiasm and stage presence.

“I live for performing live,” Fiorentino said. “There is nothing I’ve experienced that gives me the feeling I get when I’m onstage, feeding off the crowd.”