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Deryck Whibley

Guitarist, songwriter and producer Deryck Whibley has led hard-hitting, Juno-winning Canadian punk-pop trio Sum 41 through many a raucous concert and many a platinum-selling album. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t really consider himself a guitar player.

Whibley co-founded the quartet that would quickly become Sum 41 in his native Ajax, Ontario, while still in high school in the mid-1990s. Major label success ensued in relatively short order—Whibley and Sum 41 signed to Island Records in 1999 and promptly released debut album Half Hour of Power (2000) to modest success. 2001 follow-up All Killer No Filler achieved massive worldwide success and eventually went platinum, as did subsequent albums Does This Look Infected? (2002) and Chuck (2004). Sum 41 became known for stratospheric album sales and marathon world tours that often lasted more than a year

Sum 41 became a trio in 2006, with Whibley handling sole guitar duties. During a 2005/2006 touring hiatus, he concentrated on production work with artists including Tommy Lee, Iggy Pop and Avril Lavigne(Whibley and Lavigne were married in 2006).

Sum 41 released its fifth studio album, Underclass Hero, in summer 2007 and commenced another major world tour. Concurrently, Whibley and the band have worked closely on behalf of War Child Canada, a Toronto-based charity and children’s rights support/advocacy group that provides humanitarian assistance to children affected by war worldwide. Whibley donates a portion of the proceeds from his signature instrument, the Squier Deryck Whibley Telecaster® guitar (introduced in spring 2007) to the organization.